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Ann Marie Allara

Pilates Reformer
Ann Marie came to the world of fitness after a lifetime of dance, competitive gymnastics & gymnastics coaching. Initially trained as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor by AFFA, she became a Stott Certified Pilates Instructor in 2000, and is now Stott trained through the Advanced Level of Mat Pilates and all Pilates equipment. Ann Marie also holds Yoga, Balletone and TRX certifications, and has training in pre- and post-natal fitness and youth fitness. She has worked with a diverse range of clients: from pre-teen figure skaters to competitive body builders; professional dancers to mixed
martial artists; new moms to weekend warriors. Ann Marie
loves teaching people of all levels of fitness and ability how the well-balanced conditioning that Pilates provides supports everything from every day movement to specific athletic endeavors.

A Boston native, Ann Marie is a graduate of Antioch College, with a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has experience working with children and families in crisis. She lives in Brookline with her daughter.

"I consider movement to be my first language, and enjoy helping people become more fluent in their bodies. The end purpose of exercise is to make your life easier and better ... whether that means getting up and down off of the floor to play with your kids, or running a marathon. When we work out, we have the opportunity to practice becoming more present in our bodies, and therefore our lives."

Lucia Brown

Personal Training | Spinning | TRX
Physical fitness has been a lifelong passion for Lucia. Long noticed and regarded as the "fittest" woman at Benefitness, Lucia, a former member here, became a staff member, instructor, and personal trainer in 2003. She is an ACSM certified instructor, and Cycle Reebok spin instructor. Lucia personalizes her exercise plans to suit the individual needs of her clients. Lucia personalizes her exercise plans to suit the individual needs of her clients. Lucia puts a lot of creativity and originality in to each work-out session, taking in to account her client's fitness level and goals. She enjoys helping others overcome their exercise barriers with a drive, energy, and compassion all her own. She is certain to light a fire under the proverbial "gluteals" of her clients!

"Helping establish your exercise plans and seeing you progress and achieve them is more than a job for me, it's what I consider fun."

Lexi Fournier

Personal Training | TRX
Lexi Fournier is a group exercise instructor and ACSM certified personal trainer at Benefitness. Lexi is originally from Boston, but attended the University of Pittsburgh where she started her career in fitness. She joined our team in 2007 after working at gyms all over Boston and Pittsburgh. After almost 10 years in the field, she is now pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Lexi has additional certifications in yoga, step, kickboxing, pilates, and TRX training. She is also certified in pregnancy and post partum training and loves working with moms. A session with Lexi would integrate all the best aspects of fitness: core, balance, strength and cardiovascular endurance. Please see front desk to set up a time to speak with her.

"Most women do the same tired workout each time they visit the gym, never feeling passionate about it and never truly seeing results. When your approach changes, your body will change. I have devoted the last 10 years to helping create individualized workouts that work!"

Edwin Frias

Personal Training | Spinning | TRX
Edwin is a Certified TRX Instructor with 20 years of experience in Martial Arts. Edwin started out at an early age with Tae Kwon Do and throughout his career has advanced to study other disciplines such as Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Having a passion for fitness throughout his entire life led him to becoming a Personal Fitness Coach with an objective to improve the lifestyle and overall wellness of others.

Cilla Greenman

Pilates Reformer
Nine years ago Cilla took her first Pilates class. She was instantly hooked. Pilates made a difference in her posture and strength that no other exercise had given her. At the time, she was going through a yoga certification to become an instructor, and loved being able to pass along the yogic knowledge that had helped her for so many years. Once she was fully involved in Pilates she knew she wanted to be able to share the amazing results that she had seen happen to her own body. Cilla is a Stott trained instructor who likes to bring her own funky twist to classes.

"I like to incorporate humor in the classes that I teach, because laughter engages the abdominal muscles. Plus if you have fun with fitness it makes it more enjoyable."

Paula Khelifi

Personal Training | TRX
Paula began her training in dance right here in Cambridge, MA. As a young dancer at Deborah Mason's School of Dance, she studied Ballet, Contemporary & Lyrical Jazz.

After her first professional gig as a Cheerleader for the New England Patriots, she moved to NYC to dance for the NY Knicks for 6 seasons, while continuing to study dance at Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey. During this time she performed for recording artists such as Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Bryan Adams, and Mark Whalberg, and appeared in TV productions such as MTV Music Award shows, and various daytime shows.

Once becoming a mom, Paula became certified for Group Fitness Instruction through ACE, and has since combined her knowledge of dance and fitness to motivate her clients of all fitness levels to not only work out to look good, but to feel great!

While spending a year in San Diego, she was a featured dancer/fitness performer in fitness DVDs and TV commercials. She took her training outdoors while instructing boot camps for GutCheck Fitness. Now living back in Boston, Paula instructs her training to both men & women of all fitness levels.

CC Maher

Personal Training | Spinning | TRX | Yoga
Bio coming soon...

Colleen McGinty

Bio coming soon...

Evalyn Mehta

Evalyn began practicing yoga to alleviate the stress from working in corporate settings and the fact that for a number of years, had been unhappy with the imbalance in her own life.  As her practice became stronger, she realized that yoga was the path she wanted to follow and wished to share her passion for yoga with others, as an instructor.  She began training in earnest and continue to improve her knowledge and teaching techniques with regular attendance in classes and courses.  She continues to benefit from the wonderful teachers we have in the Boston area. Evalyn has completed both a 200 hr. certification in Prana Vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea and a 500 hr. certification with Barbara Benagh in Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on Yoga anatomy.  She enjoys refining and expanding her personal practice and teaching skills in retreats both here and abroad. 

Evalyn currently teaches in health clubs, corporations and privately. She teaches a blend of Prana Flow and Hatha yoga.  Her classes reflect the levels and needs of her students.   In class asanas, breathing and brief meditations are practiced.  Evalyn firmly believe that we can age well and with grace, if we embrace a thoughtful lifestyle. Her goal is to have her teaching reflect this. 

Laura Newbold

Personal Training | Yoga
Laura has been teaching and training at Benefitness since 1993. She became an instructor/personal trainer after a great experience with a personal trainer here, named Dara. Dara's motto was to make fitness a habit like brushing your teeth, which is true. You have to take care of your body. It takes care of you!

Laura's fitness certifications are through AFFA and the Baron Baptiste Yoga Institute. She is also trained to teach Stott Pilates Reformer through one-on one training with Ann Marie Allara. Sessions with clients are specific to individual needs but may include cardio conditioning, muscle strengthening and flexibilty development in one workout. One training session for instance may include the step, bosu, jumprope, pilates reformer and yoga, depending on goals. She has successfully worked with clients recovering from injuries and young mothers. She provides a challenging workout in the gym and offers a written workout to learn at home as a step to the next level.

She believes that setting up lesser goals along the way to your bigger goals is helpful. Challenging yourself in a meaningful way, with respect to others and the environment can develop not just physical strength, agility and flexibility but patience and inner peace as well.

What one of Laura's clients has to say: "I have never worked with a personal trainer before and alway felt that the value wouldn't justify the expense. Then I realized that I simplly was not motivated enough to accomplish the health goals that I have been working on for a long time and that's when my eye caught sight of the offer of purachasing personal training with a friend and working together on weekly goals. WE LOVE IT! and Laura makes it wonderful with her humor, flexibility, expertise and guidance. My friend and I have differing goals as well as overlapping ones and Laura is able to work with both of us simultaneously so we are each satisfied. We have just re-upped for another round of sessions and have never been happier with an investment." - Julie A.

Regina O'Brien

Personal Training | TRX
We are pleased to have Regina here as our Fitness Director. Regina has been teaching and training for over ten years and is certified by AFAA and FRA in both group fitness instruction and personal training. She is also certified in the state of MA as an EMT. She is always interested in continuing and expanding her education, from pre-natal care to Olympic style weight lifting. Regina has studied sports injuries and rehabilitation, elderly training, and basic nutrition. She has a serious commitment to helping people reach their goals and change their expectations of what is possible for them to accomplish.

"I have a serious commitment to helping people reach their personal goals. My feeling is that every person has their own learning curve and also has a difference in the goals they are setting for themselves. These reasons are why I enjoy working with all fitness levels from a basic beginner to a well-seasoned fitness enthusiast. Working with a varietly of fitness levels and ages allows me to stay creative with designing and developing personal programs for my cliental. I am both pleased and comfortable with the diversity of my cliental and extremely patient when it comes to explaining and demonstrating an exercise plan."

George Rhoads

George combines his training in ashtanga, vinyasa and other yoga styles with his experience in various other mind-body disciplines. He has taught anatomy as well as studied massage therapy and chi kung (a.k.a. qi gong) and teaches at M.G.H. With over three decades of martial arts experience he is a black belt in both aikido and karate and has taught kickboxing. He currently practices capoeira and brazillian jiu jitsu. He has also studied gymnastics at M.I.T. and jazz/modern dance at the Jeannette Neill Dance Studio. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, he often plays guitar at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge.

Kathleen Riley

Personal Training | Pilates Reformer | TRX
Ballet was a major part of Kathleen's life growing up. In 2002, she took advantage of a newly developed fitness program called Balletone. She quickly pursued the training to become an instructor and helped bring Balletone to
our Benefitness members. Today, Kathleen is a Master Balletone Ambassador, a willPower Instructor, certified TRX suspension trainer, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and aLevel III certified Yoga teacher. She has done coursework in Nutrition and pre- and post-natal fitness. Kathleen lives in Brookline with her husband and twin daughters.

"My approach to training is rooted in skeletal alignment, balance and core strength. With a healthy body comes movement you like and should enable you to enjoy your life. A good training session should leave you feeling rejuvenated and strong. This is accomplished through good communication between the client and trainer, goal set- ting, and assessment. Whether you are training for a triathlon, trying to lose a few pounds or just want to keep up with your kids, we can meet those goals together."